Literate Lives Summer Hiatus

Desire by Jane Kiskaddon
Desire by Jane Kiskaddon

Despite my best intentions, I seem to have stumbled into a summer hiatus.

I had intended to get back into regular blogging once school got out and I finished my revision of The Swallow’s Spring for gerunds and non-simultaneous “as” statements. (I thought this would take a week after school let out. Ha ha, the joke is on me. Due to ongoing issues with my concussion recovery, I only finished yesterday.)

This does not mean I will be ignoring the blog this summer. I need to do some behind the scenes work on the site in general and some organizing of my “Inspirations” system (which right now is little more than a folder that says “blog this”).

I hope to track down and create some original art for the blog.

And, I need to dream up a workable “rotation” for next year. Some things I would like to do include:

  • share interesting and inspiring quotes with you
  • share interesting and inspiring articles with you
  • reflect on my writing and teaching practices
  • update you on my writing projects
  • encourage engagement in literacy in the home
  • provide “Play with Your Words” exercises every week or two
  • provide reading response exercises to use with your child, your students or for your own journalling
  • begin a very slow, but somehow, still irresistable-to-me, exploration of Greek and Latin roots.

What a wish list! Please let me know what you would like to see. Look for a fresh start in September–a new adventure in nourishing our literate lifestyles.

About the Artwork, Ms. Kiskaddon  writes:

My name is Jane Kiskaddon  and I am a painter. Please walk with me for a while in a magical inner landscape of color and light…

Working from my imagination, I conjure up interesting landscapes, drawing from all the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit (Vietnam, Peru, Egypt and the Australian rain forest). Walking in beautiful Marin and traveling in my Airstream also informs my paintings.

Most of the time I use only five colors… black, white, yellow, orange and purple (once in a while I’ll sneak in a little magenta or blue).  Because these colors have become so familiar to me it’s as if they’re in my blood.

The forgiving nature of acrylic paint (its rapid drying time) allows me the freedom to make quick decisions and run with them. I build up many layers of paint to give the painting a richness and depth.  Reproductions are available.