My Very Belated September Reading List

Depositphotos_28904783_originalOh, this has been a busy month! But, here, at lasts, are the books I read in September:

The Divine Sacrifice by Tony Hays~an intriguing Arthurian mystery, set in the early years after the Roman withdrawal from Britain, involving disputes within the early church and questionable use of Glastonbury Tor.

Prisoners of the Palace by Michaela MacColl~a both fun and serious YA novel that centers on the experiences of a rich young woman who is orphaned and forced to take a position as lady’s maid to Princess (soon to be Queen) Victoria and her governess. There’s lots of unpleasantness at the palace. This was a suspenseful, historical read.

The Land of the Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer~a sequel to the Sea of Trolls which brings the first book’s Anglo-Saxon and Viking characters back together and sends them on a perilous quest into the land of enchantment. I’ll definitely be hunting down the sequel, The Islands of the Blessed.

What about you? Read any good books lately?

“List” Journaling Prompts: What Completes You?

Characterization Reading Response Exercise; Debby Zigenis-Lowery's Literate Lives

friends w starSundays: A Quiet Space for Journaling

I have grown rather fond of journaling on Sunday afternoons. It is quiet in my house. It is a day for rest and relationship, and so I have been having fun with some list-journaling prompts I found on Pinterest.

Last week, I made my list and sent it to a friend, and she sent her list back to me. It was such a delight to see what she wrote, both the similarities and the differences from my own list reminded me of how much I love our friendship.

This Week’s List Prompt:

make a list of the things that complete you

Here is my list:

My husband—It is good to have a partner who both shares my interests and encourages my independent interests, who both nurtures and protects me and challenges me, who I  can laugh with, explore with, and relax with, who loves me and those I love.

My daughter—It is good to have a daughter to nurture and admire, to marvel at and to enjoy, to be in active relationship with who has forgiven me for being just an imperfect human being instead of supermom.

My childhood friend—It is good to have an aman chara, a soul friend, a sister to my soul, someone I can be totally me with, who loves and accepts me as I am, who believes in and encourages me, who enjoys just spending time together, and to love and encourage back.

My granddaughters—It is good to have these wonderful little girls in my life, to love, and serve, and enjoy, and seek to bless, each uniquely her own person, each a precious and delightful soul, who stretch me and keep me young, with whom I can share my pleasures and my love, who though partially rooted in my being will live beyond me and bless our world, each in her own way.

God, my heavenly father, Jesus my brother and savior, and the sweet holy spirit that indwells me—I am so grateful my parents sent me to Sunday school, so grateful for all the people and events put in my path to direct me toward a growing understanding of who my Lord is, so grateful to learn and grow, to rest and wait, to live with hope and love because I, and all He created, am so greatly loved.

Writing and Words–The  joy of stringing them together, crafting an image, a wonder-full, hopeful story. Words to read, words to sing, The Bible to teach and guide me, and our beautiful, bounteous English language to express what fills my heart.

Time to be creative—it is good to get to create. God was so gracious to share this aspect of his character with us. Writing, beading, coloring, card making—even organizing is so soul satisfying.

A stable home—it is good to have a shelter to come home to, a place of rest, where I can close the door on the too, too noisy, busy world, a place to collect my thoughts and some things that give me pleasure (although I admit, this particular  “activity” can get out of hand—which is why I am so grateful for Pinterest—my virtual storage space), a place to feel rooted and at peace.

Last, but not least, my Mom and Dad, stepparents, siblings, children, aunts, uncles, grandparents, family—as it is good to know my grandchildren extend into the future, it is good to be connected to a past, to people who love me and believe in me, whom I can love back, people who have nurtured, encouraged, and inspired me, to whom I wish to bring joy.

I did not expect to come away from this exercise with anything more than a list; however sticky-sweet as it may sound, I learned from this list that loving completes me. Loving the people and gifts God has blessed me with makes me who I am.

Your Turn

What complete’s you?

What would be a fun list prompt for journaling?

May your week be peaceful and blessed!