The Most Important Thing to Avoid When Cultivating a Literate Lifestyle

Purple WritingThe Most Important Thing to Avoid

What is the most important thing to avoid when cultivating a literate lifestyle? Head injuries.

My Story

Two weeks ago, I tripped and managed to land on my head. Yes, head first–right temple, right side of my chin, right shoulder, right hip, and last of all right knee.

The ensuing, ongoing headache and exhaustion were diagnosed as a concussion.

Concussion Care

Self care after receiving a concussion basically consist of lying around in dimly lit rooms with your eyes closed or sleeping. I could not even read. (Doctor’s orders: no reading or watching television). I did not dare try to write. Even now, two weeks later, I can feel that writing this post is subtly stressing my brain.

The Take Away

Avoid head injuries at all costs. For a reader and a writer, your brain is a wonderful and precious thing. Take care of it. That means wear your bike and motorcycle helmets, quit all sports like football and soccer that require you to use your head like a piece of equipment. Also quit those, like boxing, where you subject your one-of-a-kind, marvel of a brain to injury and damage. Your brain is the seat of all magic.

Love your brain.