Settings: Oh, the Places You Could Go!

wooded path 7.13I collect names for my writing.

I also play an alphabet name game to put myself to sleep when insomnia strikes (I rarely make it past “M”).

Last night my two obsessions merged. I woke up around 3:45 A.M.–way too early! And I could not fall back asleep.

So, I decided to resort to my old insomnia standby–the name game. However, I was tired of playing masculine names, feminine names, and cities of the world, so I decided to make up names I could use in my fiction. I only intended to amuse myself until sleep overtook me, but I didn’t get past “A” before I realized I had to write these down.

Turning on only the dimmest of lights, I curled up in my nest in the family room with a white legal pad, a smooth flowing pen, and my cozy blanket made for me by a dear friend, and away I wrote. The rules:

  • three names for each letter of the alphabet
  • write brainstorm/free-write fashion–no stopping, no thinking
  • at least one one-syllable name per letter.

I was done in ten minutes. Here are some of the results of my middle-of-the-night exercise:

  • Crumbleigh
  • Impasse
  • Liss
  • Pickleburrough
  • Resolve
  • Zander

Now I do realize places with these names may already exist. However, I have not yet encountered them so they get to stay on my list. I will transfer the results of this exercise to my name book, so someday, when I am revising and I come across a blank where I did not want to stop during the drafting process to think of a name, I can turn to my little flowered book and choose one.

This was a most satisfying endeavor. Upon reaching “Zander,” I laid my pen and paper aside, went back to bed, and fell right to sleep.


Hello, I’m Back!

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Sorry for the long absence. I am just getting over my sixth sinus infection in seven months. It’s been quite a year!

However, I am beginning to feel better and hope to begin blogging regularly. Thanks so much for your patience with my choppy delivery!