Reading Log

August 2019

25. Where the Fire Falls: A Vintage National Parks Novel by Karen Barnett

24 .The Note by Angela Hunt

July 2019

23. Dangerous to Know by Tasha Alexander

22.Dreaming Spies by Laurie King

June 2019

21. Tower of Thorns: A Blackstone and Grim Novel by Juliet Marillier

May 2019

20, A Murderous Procession: A Mistress of the Art of Death Novel, by Ariana Franklin

19. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

18. The Bearkeeper’s Daughter by Gillian Bradshaw

17. A Year with C.S. Lewis: Daily Readings from His Classic Works by C.S. Lewis

16. Nine Gates: Entering the Mind of Poetry, by Jane Hirshfield

April 2019

15. Take Joy: A Writer’s Guide to Loving the Craft, by Jane Yolen14. Stardust, by Neil Gaiman

13. The Byzantine Empire, by Robert Browning

12. Just Ella, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

11. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, by J.K. Rowling

March 2019

10. Flight of Fancy by Laurie Alice Eakes

9. The Rose of Winslow Street by Elizabeth Camden * Best Book of the Month

8. Blue Birds by Caroline Starr Rose

7. Kingdom of the Grail by A.A. Attanasio

February 2019

6. Bottled by Carol Riggs

5. Take Joy: A Writer’s Guide to Loving the Craft by Jane Yolen

4. The Mercy Seller by Brenda Rickman Vantrease

January 2019

3. The House with Chicken Legs by Anderson, Sophie

2. The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons

1. A year with C. S. Lewis: Daily Readings from his Classic Work

December 2018

37. The Mother-Daughter Book Club: Home for the Holidays by Heather Vogel Frederick

36. When Christmas Comes by Debbie Macomber 

35. Evergreen by Susan May Warren

34. A Big Apple Christmas by Vasthi Reyes Acosta, Gail Sattler, Lynette Sowell, & Carrie Turansky 

November 2018

33. Waistcoats and Weaponry by Gail Carriger

32. Breath of Fire by Beth Cato

31. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall edited by Kate Bernheimer

30. The Mad Wolf’s Daughter by Diane Magras

October 2018

29. Maude: A Novel Inspired by the Life of L.M. Montgomery by Melanie Fishbane

28. The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden

27. Wrestling with Angels by Carolyn Arends

September 2018

26. Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn

25. The Princess Imposter by Vivian Vande Velde

24. Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury

August 2018

19. Byzantium: The Bridge from Antiquity to the Middle Ages by Michael Angold   *3rd Best Book of the Month

20. The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill *2nd Best Book of the Month

21. Monk’s Hood by Ellis Peters

22. Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo  ***Best Book of the Month

23. Let the Journey Begin by Max Lucado

July 2018

15. Cold Magic by Kate Elliott

16. A Taste of Chicken Soup for the Soul: Teacher Tales

17. Clandara by Evelyn Anthony

18. Dreamer’s Pool by Juliet Marillier   ***Best Book of the Month

June 2018

12. Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz Ryan

13. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo   ***Best Book of the Month

14. Scrapbook of Secrets by Mollie Cox Bryan

May 2018

9. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by J.K. Rowling

10. The Islands of the Blessed, by Nancy Farmer   ***Best Book of the Month

11. Between Friends, by Debbie Macomber

April 2018

5. Only Angels Can Wing It: The Rest of Us Have to Practice, by Liz Curtis Higgs

6. The Illuminator, by Brenda Rickman Vantrease

7. The Fierce Dispute, by Hellen Hooven Santmyer

8. 45 Master Characters: Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters, by Victoria Lynn Schmidt

March 2018

4. Hawk of May, by Gillian Bradshaw

3. Ash & Bramble, by Sarah Prineas

2. The Road to Paradise: A Vintage National Park Novel, by Karen Barnett   ***Best Book of the Month

Janauary 2018

1. Ink and Bone, by Rachel Caine’s YA fantasy,

December 2017

33. City of Bells, by Elizabeth Goudge   ***Best Book of the Month

34. The Emotional Craft of Fiction, by Donald Maass   *2nd Best Book of the Month

35. Jane and the Twelve Days of Christmas, by Stephanie Barron

36. Finding Father Christmas, by Robin Jones Gunn   *3rd Best Book of the Month

 37. Engaging Father Christmas, by Robin Jones Gunn

November 2017

32. Spider’s Voice by Gloria Skurzynski (Historical Fiction, YA): Aran cannot speak. “From the moment Aran sees Peter Abelard and his lover, Eloise, wants nothing more than to surround himself with the couple’s renowned beauty, intelligence, and eloquence which seem to offer a path of hope away from his cruel and impoverished childhood.”

31. Jane and the Canterbury Tale by Stephanie  Barron (Historical Mystery): “Three years after news of her scandalous husband’s death, Adelaide Fiske is at the altar again….The prospects seem bright for one of the most notorious women in Kent–until Jane Austen discovers a corpse on the ancient Pilgrim’s Way that runs through her brother’s estate…. When a second corpse appears…Jane has no choice but to confront a murderer, lest the next corpse be her own.”

30. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkban by J.K. Rowling (Fantasy): “During his third year at Hogwarts School for Witchraft and Wizardry Harry Potter must confront the devious and dangerous wizard responsible for his parents’ death.”

October 2017

26. Beastly Bones: A Jackaby Novel by William Ritter (YA Historical Fantasy)  ***Best Book of the Month: “In 1892, New Fiddleham, New England, things are never quite what they seem, especially when Abigail Rook and her eccentric employer, R. F. Jackaby, are called upon to investigate the supernatural. First vicious shape-shifters disguise themselves as a litter of kittens, and a day later, their owner is found murdered. Then in nearby Gad’s Valley, now home to the exiled New Fiddleham police detective Charlie Cane, dinosaur bones from a recent dig mysteriously go missing, and an unidentifiable beast starts attacking animals and people, leaving mangled bodies behind.”

27. The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky (Christian Historical Romance): “Worlds lie between the marketplaces of India and the halls of a magnificent country estate like Highland Hall. Will Julia be able to find her place when a governess is neither upstairs family nor downstairs help.

28. The Throme of the Erril of Sherill by Patricia A. McKillip (Fantasy): “Damsen longs for the warm light beyond the castle walls. Brave Cnite Caerles seeks her hand, but her father the King has set a price: You want Damsen. I want the Throme of Sherill. Find it for me and I will give you anything you want.”

29. The Wild Hunt by Jane Yolen (MG Fantasy): “Picture this: a great house in a snowy field. Within the house are a quiet boy, Jerold, and a white cat who knows more than she is telling.”

September 2017

25. How I Became a Writer by Phyllis Reyolds Naylor (Memoir): This book “is Ns. Naylor’s story about her stories–from her first work in kindergarten to her most recent books.”

24. To Shield the Queen by Fiona Buckley (Historical Mystery): Ursula Blanchard is “a widowed young mother who has become lady-in-waiting to Queen Elizabeth I. Armed with a sharp eye, dangerous curiosity, and uncanny intelligence, Ursula pledges to shield the queen.

23. Of Noble Family by Mary Robinette Kowal (Historical Fantasy)  ***Best Book of the Month: Jane and Vincent are called to tend to family matters in the West Indies. When they arrive it is to find the estate “in disarray, with horrifying conditions and tensions with the local slave population so high that they are close to revolt.”

August 2017

21. Rooms by James L. Rubart (Paranormal Fiction) “What would you find if you wandered into the rooms of your own soul? One man is about to find out.”

22. Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix (YA Regency Romance/Fantasy/Mystery) “On her eighteenth birthday, Lady Truthful, nicknamed “Newt”, will inherit her family’s treasure: the Newington Emerald. A dazzling heart-shaped gem, the Emerald also bestows its wearer with magical powers. When the Emerald disappears….Newt sets off to recover it.”

July 2017

  • 20. Year of Wonders: A Novel of the Plague by Geraldine Brooks

June 2017

  • 13. Valour and Vanity by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • 14. The Golden Cross by Angela Elwell Hunt   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 15. Eleanor: Crown Jewell of Aquataine by Kristiana Gregory
  • 16. Grave Goods by Ariana Franklin
  • 17. A School for Unusual Girls by Kathleen Baldwin   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 18. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling
  • 19. Just Write by James Scott Bell

May 2017

  • 9. My Diary from the Edge of the World by Jodi Lynn Anderson   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 10. The Beacon at Alexandria: A Novel by Gillian Bradshaw   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 11. Don’t Tell the Grown-Ups: Why Kids Love the Books They Do by Alison Lurie
  • 12. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

April 2017

  • 8. Without a Summer by Mary Robinette Kowall

March 2017

  • 7. The Velvet Shadow by Angela Elwell Hunt

February 2017

  • 3. The Devlin Diary by Christi Phillips
  • 4. How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci by Michael J Gelb
  • 5. The Spiritglass Charade by Colleen Gleason
  • 6. Writing the Breakout Novel by Donald Maas

January 2017

  1. Thornspell by Helen Lowe   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  2. The Kiss of Deception by Mary Pearson   ***Best Book of the Month

December 2016

  • 38. The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 39. Christmas Letters by Debbie Macomber
  • 40. The Bridge by Karen Kingsbury
  • 41. An Anne Perry Christmas: Two Holiday Novels–A Christmas Journey & A Christmas Visitor by Anne Perry

November 2016

  • 34. Forging the Sword by Hillari Bell   ***Best Book of the Month (a tie)
  • 35. Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn   ***Best Book of the Month (a tie)
  • 36. Curly Girl: The Handbook: Lorraine Massey
  • 37. Innocence & Experience: Essays & Conversations on Children’s Literature ed. by Barbara Harrison & Gergory Maguire

October 2016

  • 32.
  • 33. Word Pictures by Brian Godawa

September 2016

  • 30. A Flaw in the Blood by Stephanie Barron
  • 31. Ballad by Maggie Stiefvater   ***Best Book of the Month

August 2016

  • 28. Lady Vernon and Her Daughters by Jane Rubino & Caitlen Rubino-Bradway
  • 29. Altered by Gennifer Albin

July 2016

  • 25. Eva of the Farm by Eva Calhoun
  • 26. Stealing Fire From the Gods by James Bonnet
  • 27. The Second Mrs. Giaconda by E.L. Konisburg

June 2016

  • 21. The Eternal City by Paula Morris
  • 22. Curtsies and Conspiracies by Gail Carriger
  • 23. The Freedom Writers Diary by The Freedom Writers with Erin Gruwell
  • 24. Charlotte and Emily: A Novel of the Brontes by Jude Morgan

May 2016

  • 18. Girls on the Edge by Leonard Sax, M.D., Ph.D.   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 19. Lockwood and Co.: The Whispering Skull, by Jonathan Stroud   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 20. The Skin Map, by Stephen Lawhead

March & April 2016

  • 11. Of Other Worlds by C.S. Lewis
  • 12. Silent on the Moor by Deanna Raybourn
  • 13. Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 14. Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 15. Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo   *3nd Best Book of the Month
  • 16. Lament: The Faerie Queen’s Deception by Maggie Stiefvater
  • 17. The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell

January & February 2016

  • 1. Soulless by Gail Carriger
  • 2. Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy: 20 Dynamic Essays by Today’s Top Professionals by the Editors of Analog and Isaac Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine
  • 3. Who was Edgar Allan Poe? by Jim Gigliotti
  • 4. The Serpent’s Tale by Ariana Franklin
  • 5. Gone Fishing: A Novel in Verse by Tamera Will Wissinge
  • 6. The Enchanter Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
  • 7. The Sorcerer Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
  • 9. Sailing from Byzantium: How a Lost Empire Shaped the World by Colin Wells
  • 10. Egg and Spoon by Gregory Maguire   ***Best Book of the Month

December 2015

  • 30. The Dragon Heir by Cinda Williams Chima
  • 31. Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 32. A Patchwork Christmas by Kristin Eckhardt
  • 33. Home in Time for Christmas by Heather Graham

November 2015

  • 26. Byzantium: Capital of an Ancient Empire by Giles Morgan–an interesting overview of the Byzantine Empire
  • 27. The Ends of the Earth by T. Davis Bunn–a novel of romance and adventure and the early Byzantine Empire
  • 29. The Wizard Heir by Cinda Williams Chima–book 2 in The Heir Chronicles, just as gripping as the first. Now, on to the next!   ***Best Book of the Month

October 2015

  • 25. Warrior’s Heir by Cinda Williams Chima–friendship, fate, and ancient magic in this first book of The Heir series

September 2015

  • 24. The Divine Sacrifice by Tony Hays~an intriguing Arthurian mystery, set in the early years after the Roman withdrawl from Britain, involving disputes within the early church and questionable use of Glastonbury Tor.
  • 25. Prisoners of the Palace by Michaela MacColl~a both fun and serious story that centers on the experiences of a rich young woman, orphaned and fallen to the position of lady’s maid to Princess (soon to be Queen) Victoria and her governess. Both intriguing and suspenseful.
  • 26. The Land of the Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer~a sequel to the Sea of Trolls which brings the first book’s Anglo-Saxon and Viking characters back together and sends them on a perilous quest into the land of enchantment.

August 2015

  • 23. The Princess and the Hound  by Mette Ivie Harrison~an engaginig YA fantasy that feels like an old tale. Do not let the title fool you, however, the protagonist is not a princess, but the prince who becomes betrothed to her.

July 2015

  • 19. Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir~fascinating historical fiction told from multiple (and I mean multiple) points of view making the execution as intriguing as the story.   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 20. Tears of Pearl by Tasha Alexander~exotic, exciting historical mystery
  • 21. Mountain Sanctuary by Lenora Worth~a sweet romance
  • 22. Adam of the Road by Elizabeth Janet Gray~gripping, endearing, Newbery winning historical fiction

June 2015

  • 15. Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger–fun, fun, fun YA steampunk   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 16. The Hooded Hawke by Karen Harper–intriguing Queen Elizabeth (the first) mystery
  • 17. The Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordan
  • 18. Master of Souls by Peter Tremayne–marvelously medieval mystery featuring Fidelma of Cashel

May 2015

  • 11. Eliza’s Daughter by Joan Aiken–highly disappointing ending
  • 12. Daughter of Witches by Patricia Wrede–fantastic fantasy
  • 13. The Harp of Imach Thyssel by Patricia Wrede–moving fantasy-adventure
  • 14. Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art by Madeleine L’Engle–inspiring musings by an inspiring author   ***Best Book of the Month

April 2015

  • 7. A Grave Matter by Anna Lee Huber–intriguing, Jane Austen era mystery   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 8. The Queen’s Man by Sharon Kay Penman-fascinating 12th century mystery featuring my favorite queen   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 9. The Case of the Missing Marquess (An Enola Holmes Mystery) by Nancy Springer–fun, middle grade spin-off of Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes
  • 1o. Worlds of Wonder: How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy by David Gerrold–practical, informative from the creator of “Trouble with Tribbles”

March 2015

  • 5. The Anatomist’s Wife by Anna Lee Huber   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 6. Mortal Arts by Anna Lee Huber   *2nd Best Book of the Month

February 2015

  • 3. American Bloomsbury, by Susan Cheever
  • 4. Mountain Dog, by Margarita Engle

January 2015

  • 1. Jane and the Madness of Lord Byron, by Stephanie Baron   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 2. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers: How to Edit Yourself into Print, by Renni Browne and Dave King   ***Best Book of the Month

December 2014

  • 38. Sea of Trolls by Nancy Farmer   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 39. Wired for Story by Lisa Cron   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 40. The Christmas Promise by Donna VanLiere
  • 41. The Christmas Shoppe by Melody Carlson
  • 42. I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder

November 2014

  • 35. The Last Child of Hamelin by Ray Ballanyne   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 36. The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden
  • 37. The Sunday Philosophy Club by Alexander McCall Smith

October 2014

  • 31. The Healer’s Apprentice by Melanie Dickerson
  • 32. Fall of a Kingdom by Hilari Bell   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 33. The Last Rainbow by Parke Godwin
  • 34. Song of the Sparrow by Lisa Ann Sandell   *2nd Best Book of the Month

September 2014

  • 27. Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 28. Glamour in Glass by Mary Robinette Kowal
  • 29. The Art of Fiction: Notes on Craft for Young Writers by John Gardner
  • 30. Juliet by Anne Fortier

August 2014

  • 26. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood  by Diana Gabaldon

July 2014

  • 23. On the Threshold by Sherrie Ashcroft & Christina Berry Tarabochia
  • 24. Evasions by Melanie M. Jeschke
  • 25. The King’s Swift Rider by Mollie Hunter   ***Best Book of the Month

June 2014

  • 17. Dr. Frankenstein’s Daughters by Suzanne Weyn
  • 18. Avalon by Anya Seton
  • 19. The Education of Bet  by Lauren Baratz-Logsted   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • 20. Gateway by Sharon Shinn   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 21. Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Writer’s Life by Pamela Smith Hill
  • 22. Expectations by Melanie M. Jeschke

May 2014

  • 13. Inklings by Melanie M. Jeschke
  • 14. Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? by Eleanor Updale
  • 15. Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss
  • 16. Crewel by Gennifer Albin   ***Best Book of the Month

April 2014

  • 10. Born of the Sun by Joan Wolf
  • 11. An Echo in the Darkness by Francine Rivers
  • 12. Story Engineering by Larry Brooks
  • (oops–I’d forgotten this one) Lockwood and C0.: The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud   ***Best Book of the Month

March 2014

  • 5. The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
  • 6. The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams
  • 7. Manor of Secrets by Katherine Longshore
  • 8. Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 9. Finding Camlann by Sean Pidgeon

February 2014

  • 4. The Language of the Night by Ursula LeGuin

January 2014

  • 1. Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
  • 2. Strong Poison by Dorothy L. Sayers
  • 3. Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

December 2013

  • 34. Speak What We Feel (Not What We Ought to Say): Reflections on Literature and Faith by Frederick Buechner.
  • 35.  A Wreath of Snow by Liz Curtis Higgs   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 36.  A Dry Creek Christmas by Janet Tronstad
  • 37. A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh
  • 38. The Last Storyteller by Diane Noble   *2nd Best Book of the Month

November 2013

  • 32. Schindler’s List by Thomas Keneally
  • 33. A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers   ***Best Book of the Month

October 2013

  • 30. The Queen’s Daughter by Susan Coventry   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 31. The Wounded Hawk by Sara Douglas

September 2013

  • 24. Baroness by Susan May Warren
  • 25. Leonardo’s Swans by Karen Essex
  • 26. Splendor by Anna Godbersen
  • 27. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
  • 28. Constantine: The Miracle of the Flaming Cross by Frank G. Slaughter
  • 29. Praying in Color by Sybil McBeth   ***Best Book of the Month

August 2013

  • 21. Heiress by Susan May Warren   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 22. Bitterblue by Kristen Cashore
  • 23. The Nameless Day by Sara Douglas

July 2013

  • 18. The Island House by Posie Graeme-Evans   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 19. Envy by Anna Godbersen
  • 20. Pirate King by Laurie R. King

June 2013

  • 14. Graceling by Kristen Cashore   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 15. Steering the Craft by Ursula K. LeGuin
  • 16. Fire by Kristen Cashore
  • 17. Snow by Tracy Lynn

May 2013

  • 11. To Look and Pass by Taylor Caldwell
  • 12. Ithaka by Adele Geras   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 13. Out of the Storm: The Life and Legacy of Martin Luther by Dereck   *2nd Best Book of the Month
  • Wilson

April 2013

  • 9. Icefall by Matthew J. Kirby   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 10. A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander

March 2013

  • 6. The Luxe by Anna Godbersen
  • 7.  Rumors by Anna Godbersen
  • 8. A Flickering Light by Jane Kirkpatrick   ***Best Book of the Month

February 2013

  • 3. Child of the Prophecy by Juliet Marillier  ***Best Book of the Month
  • 4. A Death at the Rose Paperworks by M.J. Zellnik
  • 5. Graine: Sailor Princess of Ireland by Louise Gherasim

January 2013

  • 1. Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James
  • 2. Death Comes as Epiphany by Sharon Newman   ***Best Book of the Month

December 2012

  • 88 Angel and Apostle by Deborah Noyes
  • 89. The Lost Angel by Elizabeth Goudge
  • 90. The Story selections from NIV Bible
  • 91. At the Sign of the Star by Katherine Sturtevant

November 2012

  • 87. Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier

October 2012

  • 85. Gentian Hill by Elizabeth Goudge
  • 86. Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow

September 2012

  • 82. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
  • 83. One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp
  • 84. Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier   ***Best Book of the Month

August 2012

  • 78. Irish Fairy and Folk Tales edited and selected by W.B. Yeats
  • 79. Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 80. The House on Durrow Street by Galen Beckett
  • 81. Beginnings, Middles & Ends by Nancy Kress

July 2012

  • 75. Mansfield Park Revisited: A Jane Austen Entertainment by Joan Aiken
  • 76. I, Coriander by Sally Gardner
  • 77. The Magicians and Mrs. Quent, by Galen Beckett   ***Best Book of the Month

June 2012

  • 73. The Wizard’s Daughter by Barbara Michaels
  • 74. The Fatal Crown by Ellen Jones

May 2012

  • 71. In the King’s Service by Katherine Kurtz
  • 72. The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction by Alan Jacobs

April 2012

  • 68. Keeping a Princess Heart: In a Not-So-Fairy-Tale World by Nicole Johnson
  • 69. A Poisoned Season by Tasha Alexander   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 70. The Blue Bottle Club by Penelope Stokes

~started 3 but did not follow through. There are too many books I want to read to continue with ones that just don’t grab me.

March 2012

  • 64. Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs
  • 65. Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 66. Mine Is the Night by Liz Curtis Higgs
  • 67. AngelMonster by Veronica Bennett

February 2012

  • 62. Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine
  • 63. Shadow Magic by Patricia Wrede

January 2012

  • 60. Blood and Iron by Elizabeth Bear
  • 61. Death Train to Boston by Dianne Day

December 2011

  • 58. Beyond Silence by Eleanor Cameron
  • 59. One Incredible Moment by Max Lucado

November 2011

  • 51. Shadow Over Kiriath by Karen Hancock
  • 52. Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore
  • 53. Solstice Wood by Patricia McKillip
  • 54. Pilgrim’s Inn by Elizabeth Goudge
  • 55. Deep and Wide: advanced fiction techniques for making your characters deeper and your plot wider by Susan May Warren
  • 56. A Sea So Far by Jean Thesman
  • 57. The Killing Way by Tony Hays   ***Best Book of the Month

October 2011

  • 43. The Last Grailkeeper  byPamela Smith Hill
  • 44. Plot vs. Character: A Balanced Approach to Writing Great Fiction by Jeff Gerke   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 45. George MacDonald: An Anthology.365 Readings  compiled by C.S. Lewis
  • 46. A Man Most Worthy by Ruth Axtell Morren
  • 47. The Inklings Handbook by Colin Duriez and David Porter
  • 48. Write Well: Greeting Cards by Sandra M. Louden
  • 49. The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory
  • 50. The World’s Last Night and Other Essays by C.S. Lewis

September 2011

  • 36. The Midnight Horse by Sid Fleischman
  • 37. Characters and Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card
  • 38. Green Rider by Kristen Britain
  • 39. 50 Days of Heaven by Randy Alcorn
  • 40. The Firm by John Grisham
  • 41. Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn
  • 42. The Singing  by Alison Croggon   ***Best Book of the Month

August 2011

  • 34. Crown in Candlelight by Rosemary Hawley Jarman
  • 35. The Crow by Alison Croggon   ***Best Book of the Month

July 2011

  • 31. The Master of Blacktower by Barbara Michaels
  • 32. Jane and the Barque of Frailty by Stephanie Barron
  • 33. The Riddle by Alison Croggon   ***Best Book of the Month

June 2011

  • 24. Writing as a Road to Self-Discovery by Barry Lane
  • 25. Shapers by Carol Riggs
  • 26. The Shadow Within by Karen Hancock   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 27. Madeleine L’Engle (Herself) compiled by Carole F. Chase
  • 28. The Memory Book by Penelope Stokes
  • 29. Anastasia’s Secret by Susanne Dunlap
  • 30. the tender heart: Conquering Your Insecurity by Joseph Nowinski

May 2011

  • 18. The Light of Eidon by Karen Hancock
  • 19. My Antonia by Willa Cather
  • 20. The Tale of Holly How by Susan Wittig Albert
  • 21. The Musician’s Daughter by Susanne Dunlap
  • 22. The Naming by Alison Croggon   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 23. Ghost Horses by Pamela Smith Hill

April 2011

  • 14. Godiva by David Rose
  • 15. The New Policeman by Kate Thompson
  • 16. Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay   ***Best Book of the Month
  • 17. Wildwing by Emily Whitman

March 2011

  • 8. Frontier Wolf  by Rosemary Sutcliff
  • 9. Sundays at Tiffany’s by  James Patterson and Gabrielle Charbonnet
  • 10. Body Language by Julius Fast
  • 11. Renaissance Brides by Barbara Youree
  • 12. My Enemy, My Brother by    *** Best Book of the Month
  • 13. The Inklings of Oxford: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien and their Friends by Harry Lee Poe

February 2011

  • 4. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak *** Best Book of the Month
  • 5. Looking for the King by David C. Downing
  • 6. The Church of Our Fathers by Roland H. Bainton
  • 7. The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge

January 2011

  • 1. An Echo in the Bone by Diana Gabaldon
  • 2. 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison
  • 3. Tomb of the Golden Bird by Elizabeth Peters

7 thoughts on “Reading Log

  1. Hi Debbie, I see you’ve just read Pilgrim’s Inn, it’s probably my favourite of Elizabeth’s. Have you read the rest of the trilogy? I used to live close to where the book is set and reading it made me see the countryside around in a whole new way!
    Best wishes


    1. Oh, Anna!
      You actually live near there. How Awesome!
      I’ve been a huge Elizabeth Goudge fan since the day I bought The Middle Window through a high school book club. That was many years ago, (I’ve taught high school since!)but I’ve made it my mission to hunt down and buy all her books I can find and to read them all.
      Pilgrim’s Inn has always been one of my favorite “chicken soup” books, one I turn to when I need comfort or am feeling blue. It is so illuminated with love and wonder. I often read it as a Christmas treat. I have read the others in the trilogy and, having been a child of divorce, was deeply moved by the self-sacrifice for the love of family in The Bird in the Tree.
      Hmm. Writing to you makes me think I want to read another Goudge book. Maybe City of Bells is what I need this December–with the Cathedral Christmas and Jocelyn’s cozy book store.
      Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I’m going to go take a look at yours now.
      Thanks again! Debby


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