The Literate Family’s Fun!




Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

Earlier this week I read a great blog post that suggested meaningful and non-stressful conversation starters. I decided to create a list of my own. If we can listen and share the answers to these questions with those who are dear to us, what an increase in understanding can unfold and what a blessing our Thanksgiving conversations will be!

Imagine a LifeNational Secondhand Wardrobe Day–Imagine a Life

Imagine a Life. Shopping second-hand stores is one of my and my hubby’s favorite recreational activities. In addition to saving money on things you need, however, second-hand stores, both those featuring just clothing and those of a more general nature, can provide great fodder for pursuing your goals, creating characters and their worlds, and exercising your imaginative skills.


Tool Time Family Field Trip Tool Time Field Trip

Last weekend I found myself in a hardware store with my husband and it ocured me, “What a great family field trip this would make”

130001114Vacation Poetry Inspiration: Mount Rainier National Park

I have just returned from a trip to Mount Rainier where every experience was fodder for a poem. If you are a writer, or you want to encourage your children’s literacy skills, take pen or pencil and notebooks on vacation and pause to write. Try these easy poetry forms: haiku, list poem, or concrete poem.

7.4 Giovanni's Close upDining Out–Family Literacy Exercise and Fun

Document your outing and savor the opportunity for creative time with your family and friends.

The Best Trip? A Trip to the Library

Libraries that hold my heart are the local ones that have graced my life. Plan on a trip to your library, or stop at the “local” library when you travel. Spend time together and add to the treasure trove of your memories of life with books.

Read to Your Kids/Summer is Here

Make sure you use some of the free time to read with your kids. Reading together helps your kids build skills and bonds you as a family. Read here to learn ways to incorporate family reading in your summer.

Family Memories/Narrative Writing & Point of View

Gather a group and brainstorm a list of memorable times you and your family or friends have shared. Individually, write down your memories of the event and share. Save your work to preserve group memories, or if on vacation to provide a unique souvenir of your trip.

ABC Coloring Books and Collages

ABC Coloring Books and Collages. Make your own ABC coloring books and collage posters to help your young students learn their a,b,c’s.

Writing Fun with Travel Brochures

Are you going on vacation? If so, you may want to collect some travel brochures. Sit down as a family and plan your trip. Have each person select some pictures from your collection and write about how that picture inspires her look forward to on your trip. After you visit the location, discuss it and write down a favorite memory from that site.

Garage Sale Guessing Game

This summer, you can combine bargain-hunting with a game that utilizes everyone in the family’s descriptive skills.

Book Cakes: Baking up Some Family Fun

As a family, select a book that all of you are familiar with and have enjoyed, and plan to bake your own book-themed cake. Get creative. Have fun. Then sit down to read together.

National Doodle Day

Do you like to doodle? Create a doodle story time of your own. Being able to visualize what one is reading is an important reading skill. Doodling while listening, or after reading is a great way to build that skill.

As Darkness Falls Curl Up with a Good Book

If you do not read with your kids, now’s a great time to start. Find a cozy spot where you can snuggle together. If your child is young, read to her. If your child is capable of reading himself, choose a book and take turns reading it to each other. Or read side by side. Read with your child, even if he’s taller than you!

Read All Day!

For a treat, let yourself and your children read all day long!

Summer Evening Read-Aloud

Enjoy these summer evenings reading aloud with your children out of doors.

Gracie's PineconesWriting With My Granddaughter

Write with your preschoolers to help them experience the way words and writing reflect what they may think and say.

Art Fair Scavenger Hunt

Going to the Art Fair? Make a fun scavenger hunt so even the kids can enjoy the day.

Story Writing Postcards

Use index cards for a fun story writing exchange.