Welcome to “Literate Lives”

The concept of a blog is interesting. It is a challenge to be both personal and useful to others. This is my second version of my first blog post here in “Literate Lives.”

In the first version of this post, I eagerly shared who I am and the things I love, believing if readers and I share some common passions, they might come back to read more. And I want you to come back for more. I love reading, writing, and teaching, and I want to contribute to the reading, writing, teaching community in a positive way.

However, having completed my first post, I was aghast to reread it and discover it was all about me. Me, me, me—as if I were some kind of navel-gazing egomaniac who has nothing to offer save my own glorious vision of myself.

While a revised “version one” will likely soon appear as a post, because I do feel, if you and I are to become friends and colleagues in pursuit of a literate lifestyle, I must be willing to share who I am, what I want to say first is that I hope “Literate Lives” will be a “place” to which you can come. I hope it will be a quiet corner where you can think about reading and books, and writing and creativity. And I hope it will be a “place” where you can share your love for these things with a like-minded community and glean from the blogs, comments, and “Play with Your Words” exercises treasures to enrich your own literate lifestyle and that of your family.