Whilst I Lie Here Sick–My Life on Pinterest

Asthma! Grrr!

I am now on week 4 of lying about the house in an effort to recover from an “asthma exacerbation” brought about by high humidity and a respiratory virus. Basically I’ve been living at levels 1, 2, and 3 on the “Pain Scale” I adapted from the Samn-Perelli 7pt. Fatigue Scale.


Too Tired to Read! Don’t Want to Watch T.V.!

While being in the state of “Extremely tired, very difficult to concentrate,” let alone move around and do the simplest of chore,  yet highly susceptible to boredom, what have I been doing? Pinning. It is my favorite “brain-dead” activity. All I have to move are my fingers and my eyes, and as someone who loves visual imagery that is pleasure enough.


What Have I Done on My Pinterest Boards!

Follow the links if you would like to check out any examples.


Why I Love Pinterest:

As I already said, I am a very, visually oriented person, and so I love feasting my eyes on the beautiful images.

Better yet, Pinterest is eliminating my need for additional file cabinet space. No more clipping and filing writing information, historical references, recipes, and teaching, craft, and holiday ideas.

As a fiction writer, it has provided a quick and easy way to save other types of inspiration like art and photos for settings and characters.

And, it’s just a great place to collect things I love, all without having to take up physical space collecting them!

I think it has saved my sanity in these long boring days when even journaling felt like too much. Pop in on any of the links and take a peek. (Oh, and feel free to pin whatever you want; my boards are about sharing.)

Your Turn

Are you a pinner? Leave a link to your pinboards in the comment box. I would love to check them out!



Creativity and the Collector

seashells-graphicsfairy005bAs a fiction  writer, the concept of creativity fascinates me. Where does it come from? How do I nurture it? What have brain scientists learned about it that can help me to be more creative? Therefore, I follow the Susan K Perry’s blog, Creating in Flow, on Psychology Today.

Posts from Psychology Today’s blogs usually come with a list of links to similar topics, as well as a list of related topics on the blog you’re reading, and the most popular posts of the day. Therefore, when I receive on of Perry’s posts, it is of value in itself, and a doorway to more, fascinating posts.

Today, through a series of links, I came across Michele and Robert Root-Bernstein’s post, “The Collection Connection to Creativity” on their blog, Imagine That! They start by noting that many creative people are also collectors. Naturally, the collections themselves can inspire creativity. However, the act of collecting, in itself, exercises valuable cognitive skills. Collectors hone their ability to make observations, discriminate between similar objects/ideas, and recognize patterns, exceptions to patterns, and what is missing from a pattern.

Whew! As a yet unpublished novelist (my publishing credits are all folk tale retellings) I worry that I might not have what it takes to be a good author. So when I read about creativity, I often compare myself to the qualifiers proposed and judge myself passing or failing at this crucial quality necessary to writing fiction, especially fantasy! Well, if collecting is one sign of a creative brain, at least in this domain I pass brilliantly.

What do I collect? Books, paper, ephemera, rubber stamps, art materials, reference images for drawing, bead crafting supplies…and then there is the granddaddy collection of them all–Pinterest. I have boards for book ideas, writing information, story structure, characterization, settings, historical reference, education, art (I love art!), crafts (with multiple boards for jewelry making), travel, and recipes.

Do I have time to actually use any of my collections? Very little. Between working nearly full-time and writing, I don’t have much leftover time for jewelry making, drawing, or sewing. But I love collecting and sorting the ideas, (and actual materials). I hope I live long past retirement, then someday I may have an opportunity to try all these other outlets for creativity.

What do you collect? How does it inspire you or bring you joy?

~Art courtesy of Thegraphicsfairy.com

Fairy Tales

J Tower Logo


I love fairy tales.  (Hence my tower and starry sky.)

My first sales as a writer were retellings of folk tales to Cricket Magazine.

My first novel is a retelling of a medieval legend–basically an extended fairy tale.

The unexpected twists and turns of folk and fairy tales delight me, as does their worlds of long, swishy skirts, castles, adventures, magic, and redemption. (Inside my X x 10 year-old-body, I still feel like a princess engaged in the quest of her life. How about you?)

And so it was with delight that I sat down yesterday afternoon to sort my “Art: Illustration” Board on Pinterest.  From it I pulled all my folk and fairy tale pins and created an “Illustration: Fairy Tale” board, and then, for good measure a board for Sleeping Beauty (Illustration: Sleeping Beauty)–my favorite fairy tale–and boards for a few other stories for which I seemed to have enough pictures as well.

It was such a pleasure to pour over images and various interpretations of these familiar, and some not-to-familiar stories.

Although I am not a big “Disney Princess” fan, I did include a number of pins from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. This is the first fairy tale I ever fell in love with, and that love included the style of the film as well. I didn’t know until I was a young adult in college that the touchstone for the artists was Gothic art and architecture. All I knew was that the film’s  highly stylized forest, and it’s high arching castles and furnishings had grown into a piece of my soul. (I think Gothic cathedrals are enchanting!)

I read somewhere a psychologist had determined that a person’s favorite fairy tale can tell a lot about who she or he is.  I would like to read more on the topic.  Have you read interesting books or articles relating to this? If so I would love it if you would comment with titles and the names of authors.

In the meantime, I hope your Monday passes happily ever after.