A Book Lover’s Valentine–International Book Giving Day

Purple WritingHappy Valentine’s Day!

Greetings my book-loving friends! While most of the world is busy celebrating (or mourning) Valentine’s Day, here is an international holiday that I think should get a lot more promotion. Today is International Book Giving Day!

While I like sweet cards from my hubby, chocolate, and roses, if you really want to give me something I’ll love, give me a book. Don’t you agree?

International Book Giving Day

I love that the emphasis on this holiday is not on getting, but giving. (I know, Valentine’s involve giving, too. However, so many people get so fixated on the receiving).

So who do you know that would be delighted by the gift of a book?

My List

  • my four adorable grandchildren who I love to encourage to read, write, and draw
  • a sci-fi writing friend (I reread Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book over Christmas and thought over and over as I read that I needed to pass it on to her. However, I felt conflicted, and as I didn’t see her, loved the book, and didn’t want to part with it, I did nothing. The solution: give her a copy of her own!)
  • my hubby: it is my great joy that he looks to me to be his personal librarian!
  • the teen parents who attend my school–I and several other staff members use Scholastic Reading Clubs‘ $1 and $2 deals to keep a box stocked with picture books that our students can take home for their kids. I frequently remind them that one of the best things they can do to help their children succeed is read to them.

Your Turn

Using the comment box below, tell us who you would give a book to. Even better, tell what book and why. After all, as book lovers ourselves, aren’t we all looking for the next great read?


Gifts of a Grandmother’s Love

I am Yea Yea, that’s Greek for grandma, to two absolutely darling little girls, ages three-years-old and seven-months-old. These precious souls are two of the major delights in my life. Just thinking about them makes me smile!

So what do I get them for Christmas?

There are three categories of gifts I deem a must.

The first is clothes. I buy each of them an outfit. These represent my commitment to my daughter and son-in-law to cherish and protect these beloved little persons. And I pray as these clothes cover their small frames, God will cover their lives with his mercy, protection, and grace.

The second category of gifts is books. I buy each granddaughter a book. As has already been long-established, I love reading, and I want to be part of making sure my little girls have plenty of opportunity to enjoy reading and books throughout their lives. Reading supports and develops not just literacy skills, but the imagination and creativity, two of the primary fuels not just for childhood pleasure, but for the science and industry that powers our economy. And, reading provides connecting points with our world, all while blessing in our lives with stories and characters to love, and information to bolster any interest or need.

The last category of gift is a toy. I get each granddaughter a toy, often something that can help them learn, grow, or develop a skill, but most important something to fuel their delight. Play and delight are intrinsic to the life well-appreciated and lived. Plus, they are essential to developing a capacity for gratitude and wonder, prime facilitators in recognizing the work of God in our lives.

So give some blessings for Christmas. Do you have no kids or grandkids of your own? Pick up a tag from one of the giving trees located in malls, stores, and businesses all over every community. I developed this three-fold strategy of giving when I was the mother of young children and shopped with them each December to provide gifts for children in need..

You don’t have to be yea yea to bless young people this holiday season.