Summer Reading: Let’s Make a List!

A Gazillion Places to Read

An Alarming Statistic

Did you know kids can lose up to two months of reading skill if they do not read during the summer? And take it from me, a GED Writing and Language Arts coach, those losses add up by the time a student is trying to complete high school, let alone excel in college.

Summer is half over (more than half in some communities), and so I thought it might be time to support each other in supporting young people reading. Therefore, let’s make a list.

What are some of your favorite places for summer reading? I’ll start out with a few, then it’s your job to help us reach the “Gazillion” mark. (And it’s okay if you want to list some of you recent favorites. No need to limit the list to places you liked to read as a kid.)

Awesome Places for Summer Reading

  1. During the lifeguard breaks at the pool or beach
  2. While you wait for a sibling (or child) at his or her sport’s practice/gym/art/_____ class
  3. In a treehouse (I know a writer who writes in a treehouse!)
  4. In a cool, air-conditioned library on a sweltering day
  5. In the backseat while running errands or on a trip (Oh, you lucky kids who don’t have to drive!)
  6. On a picnic (What if the whole family goes on a reading picnic–bring a blanket, yummy snacks, comfy chairs, and–of course–lots of books? Mmm, fun!)
  7. At the bus stop, bus/rapid transit/train station, airport or wherever waiting for a ride
  8. Under a shady tree beside a river or stream (My personal favorite)
  9. In at tent–at a campground or in your own back yard
  10. Before going to sleep (Want to know the true sign of an awesome parent? His or her children do not need flashlights to read in bed. However, if you want to read under the covers with a flashlight–enjoy the fun.)

Okay your turn. I’ve listed my first 10. Now, please, help me bring the list closer to a gazillion!

Where are some of your favorite places to read in the summer?

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