The First Day of Summer: A Remembrance

sun_in_shades.svg.hiCue the Alice Cooper: School’s Out for Summer! (Please, Jay, don’t take this too seriously. I’ll be quite happy to come back in September = ).)

However, we teachers at the DTLC were as ready for summer as the students. For me, it had been a year that started with post-concussion recovery, ended with allergy season, and was filled for the last six months with colds and asthma attacks.

On the last school day of the 2015-2016 year, I stood with delight on the threshold of summer. Let’s channel my own version of Cooper here:

  • No more getting up to the sound of an alarm clock before any time that could even begin to be classified as decent (ie. before 8:00 A.M.)
  • No more limping through the work day on the heels of another blasted cold.
  • No more regimented schedules with microscopic amounts of time for writing.

Summer. It’s here at last!

So, on the second day of summer break I wrote this to capture the magic of Day One and to remind myself that for every teaching year, this day will come:

The First Day of Summer Break

Slept late.
Read long.
Wrote all afternoon.

What about you? Any days you would like to commemorate? Write yourself a little list poem and keep it somewhere to encourage yourself. If you’d like to share, I’d love to preserve your treasure here for you here.

Tell me about one, wonderful day!


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