A Very, Very Late March & April Reading List

Ruin and Rising by Leah BardugoLate winter and early spring of 2016 has been one of the most difficult in recent years. Between asthma attacks and catching every little cold I came in contact with, I regret much of what I accomplished in these months relates solely to trying to get healthy, trying to stay healthy, and trying to fulfill my responsibilities at work. I am so grateful to be turning the corner into June!

Therefore, today I present my, again, much belated reading list. During the months of March and April, I read the following books.

Each book was eminently enjoyable in its own way. For any writer I would recommend putting Bell’s book on your reading list.

However, the books that made the greatest impact by far were Leah Bardugo’s Grisha series. These were the most gripping and shattering novels I have read in a long time. Bardugo’s Slavic-themed fantasy world is rich and fascinating. Her main character, Alina, is so vulnerable and alone, and what she must do and endure to save her world is devastating. She more than earns her ending. After putting down the final book, Ruin and Rising, I felt utterly broken and bereft (maybe even a little depressed, although I’m sure the Oregon gloom and my health struggles played the majority role in that). These are powerful books, and definitely turned me into a Bardugo fan.