A Yearning to Write

I Yearn to Write


I have been longing to write.

So little and so much seems to have happened in this month.

It started with a cold, it flared into asthma, it landed me in the emergency room, and has been cause for much reflection and self-assessment this week.

A Little Background

I was actually diagnosed with asthma about ten years ago. However, being in the midst of a “survival” lifestyle, I did not actively pursue information about my new condition, instead trusting in my physician to tell me what to do. She didn’t.

Our health insurance changed. I got a new primary care physician. Reasonably, she assumed that when I came to her, already diagnosed and with medications prescribed, I had an asthma plan. I did not.

I did not understand my condition, and while mainly it stayed under control with the minimum care guidelines I operated under, it would knock me flat a few times a year. This time, I woke in the night, dizzy, disoriented, needing to consciously stomach breathe because I could not get enough air into my body any other way. The end result—a long morning in the emergency room.

Lightbulb Moment

I came home with meds and care instructions, and as I kicked  back in my recliner trying to recover, I finally did what I should have done ten years ago—research.

I Need to Make Some Changes in My Life.

  • I need to be more proactive in my health care.
  • I need to be more attentive and responsive to the way my body feels.
  • I need to slow down and take care of myself when my body tells me to, instead of powering through.
  • I need to be okay with accomplishing things at a more manageable pace.

And…I need to write. I’ve read, I’ve taken extensive notes, I’ve written notes to myself, and I have longed to sit down and reflect, to write.

Writing seems to be the only way I fully process what I am thinking and learning. Writing is the way I make sense of things, make decisions, set goals, dream, reason, pray.

I need to write, and I want to write here. I want to blog. I want to share what I experience and learn, I want to encourage readers and writers, and I want to help others grow in their writing craft—whether it is used purely for their own entertainment and sanity or for reaching and blessing and entertaining others.

I’m not in a place to commit to a schedule, however, once again I need to recommit to this blog.

If you can, please share: How does your reading/writing lifestyle impact the quality of your life?

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