My Very Belated September Reading List

Depositphotos_28904783_originalOh, this has been a busy month! But, here, at lasts, are the books I read in September:

The Divine Sacrifice by Tony Hays~an intriguing Arthurian mystery, set in the early years after the Roman withdrawal from Britain, involving disputes within the early church and questionable use of Glastonbury Tor.

Prisoners of the Palace by Michaela MacColl~a both fun and serious YA novel that centers on the experiences of a rich young woman who is orphaned and forced to take a position as lady’s maid to Princess (soon to be Queen) Victoria and her governess. There’s lots of unpleasantness at the palace. This was a suspenseful, historical read.

The Land of the Silver Apples by Nancy Farmer~a sequel to the Sea of Trolls which brings the first book’s Anglo-Saxon and Viking characters back together and sends them on a perilous quest into the land of enchantment. I’ll definitely be hunting down the sequel, The Islands of the Blessed.

What about you? Read any good books lately?