Journaling Lists and Prompts: A Break from “Me,” Yet a Vehicle for New Discoveries

Close-up of a young girl writing on a sheet of paper

Today I journaled using a pre-made list of questions:


and a list of listing prompts:


What a great experience!

A Break from “Me”

Returning to work (I am a teacher) and keeping up with my writing obligations and a new role as women’s Bible Study leader at church, while not yet fully recovered from this spring’s concussion, has really set me back both emotionally and physically. I am so tired, and when I am tired, I am so prone to feeling sorry for myself. (Pity my poor husband!)

And yet, these past few days I have felt a huge urge to journal.

However, I am so sick of myself, the last thing I wanted to do was open up my journal and write about me and my life.

Enter “Pinterest: Debby Zigenis-Lowery, A Literate Lifestyle” Pinboard

One of the many things I collect on Pinterest are journaling prompts. I decided it was time to pick a prompt resource and use that to inspire my journal entry.

Question 1 from 365 Questions September“What decision do you wish you didn’t have to make?”

At first I didn’t think I wanted to try and answer this, but I had committed to following the list.

I though and I thought. Hmm. There are no difficult decisions I have to make right now. Wow! Suddenly I realized, I am pretty blessed.

I wrote about this in my journal and emerged with a true attitude adjustment in a far more positive direction.

31 Days of Lists Challenge

I had also collected a number of list prompts. The idea of simply listing sounded simple and fun.

Prompt #1: Favorite Sounds

Here is my list:

  • Gently moving water
  • Little birds singing outside the window
  • My granddaughters sweet little-girl voices
  • The summer breeze moving in the trees
  • The boom of fireworks
  • The boom of thunder, especially in the mountains
  • The jingle of little bells
  • The jangle of sifting through a pile of bottlecaps
  • The splash of driving through a puddle
  • The absolute quiet of snowfall
  • The clatter of a jar of buttons
  • The crunch of kicking through autumn leaves
  • The scrunch from crinkling tissue wrapping paper
  • Hymns and Christmas carols sung a capella
  • Gentle piano
  • Gentle guitar

New Discoveries…

I feel so much better, so much less sorry for myself. I have discovered I love journaling to a prompt.

Yes, there is a time and place to journal your experiences and feelings. It is very therapeutic. However, it is also pretty wonderful to turn your mind onto a new track and make discoveries you may have never have otherwise encountered today.

What about you? Have you followed a journal prompt lately? What was it?

And what are your favorite sounds?

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