It Doesn’t Feel Like Summer Unless…

130001114Now, This is Summer

I’ve never actually written out a “Must Do in the Summer” checklist (at least not one of summer pleasures–to do lists, yes, but not summer joys). However, maybe it was because of the limitations of my concussion recovery, as I found myself doing things I loved to do each summer, I’d get that feeling, “Now, this is summer.” So finally, back in early August, I decided to write it down.

It Doesn’t Feel Like Summer Unless I…  Checklist

  • wake to cool morning air whispering in the trees outside our window
  • sit outside in the morning and read
  • eat outdoors
  • sip blended/iced drinks
  • eat tomato sandwiches made with homegrown tomatoes
  • have an overnighter with my granddaughters
  • revise a novel
  • stay up past midnight to finish a book
  • sleep until nearly noon
  • draw
  • craft something
  • reorganize some part of our home
  • attend the early, hymn-singing service at church
  • go to Silver Falls with my daughter and granddaughters
  • visit my parents
  • travel in the mountains
  • wander along a mountain lake
  • visit high elevations
  • wander along a gurgling stream
  • write poetry in response to the beauty around me
  • go to the beach
  • sit under a shady tree and revise a manuscript
  • attend a writing conference

I’ve colored the things I’ve done a cool, mountain blue.

Time to Re-evaluate

Despite the fact I did not finish the rough drafts of the two novels I had been working on through the school year (and had hoped to finish this summer), when I look at the summer through this lens, I must admit, headaches and all, I have had a pretty great summer.

How About You?

How was your summer?

What items did I leave off my It Doesn’t Feel Like Summer Unless… Checklist that you would have put on yours?