Tra-La, It’s May! Surviving the Season of Crazy

lilyvalley-vintageimage-Graphics-Fairy2Yikes, It’s May Again!

May–there’s Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and of course, Memorial weekend.

If you have kids, there might school activities like open house, the book fair, a school-wide art show, and final choir and orchestra concerts. If you have kids in sports, you probably have games every weekend. And all this multiplies per child!

If you have a soon-to-be high school graduate, May is when all the graduation fun begins–practice, parties, baccalaureate, lock-in, and more, all preparatory to the big event in June. (And don’t forget the actual May graduations from universities and colleges.)

Then, mix in possible birthdays (mine’s this month–and in such close proximity to Mother’s day that my eldest son grumbles every time this season rolls around), baby and bridal showers, and weddings. I’m exhausted. I don’t know if I have the energy to complete this post!

How to Survive

My Saturday morning blog reading was particularly fruitful today. Three posts, in particular, really inspired me.

Embrace the Blessing of Interrupted Plans

Check out: Motherhood, Transformation by Interruption.

Like Sarah Bessey, I am a chronic planner. I have lists of my lists, and even plan what I hope to achieve on a stay at home and rest day! However, the best laid plans often get interrupted. Especially during a crazy-making month like May.

What I learned: When plans get interrupted, go with the flow. Though interruptions may at first feel like adversaries, they very often are the delivery systems of blessing.


Check out: The Best Parenting Advice I Ever Received.

Amy Julia Becker reflects on her experience parenting a very able disabled daughter.

What I learned: Focus on what is good. Focus on what is a source of strength and joy. And appreciate these things.

Sure, May is a crazy month, but it also provides opportunities to invest in our precious children’s and loved one’s lives. Smile. Celebrate. And remember, summer is coming.


Check out: What Slowing Down Teaches You that Rushing Never Will.

Busy, busy, busy. That’s how so many of us view life and purpose. We even wear “Busy” like a badge of honor. However, Elisa Fryling Stanford observes her small daughter’s very different mode of living.

What I learned: Savor the moment. Be where and who you are now. Hold on to your schedules loosely. Consider lowering your expectations of yourself for just a little while. Maybe don’t even plan so much. (Especially this month, when so much is expected of you.)

I have had to learn this the hard way these last few months as I recover from a concussion. So I have decided it’s okay if this month (again) I don’t submit some writing project every week for representation or publication. It’s okay if, having returned to work, I come home for my Wednesday writing afternoons and only write a little. (I got a raging headache a week or so ago when I lost myself in “flow” and looked up to discover I’d been writing for two and a half hours straight. Ouch. Really!)

Right now, I need to embrace going a little slower, spending a little more time looking out the window at what’s coming into bloom outdoors, or just stretching across the foot of my granddaughter’s bed with my head on her pillow while she finishes her homework.

Yes, I have goals, dreams, and responsibilities. But when the calendar goes crazy, maybe its time to cut yourself a little slack and just savor the moment.

Enjoy your crazy, wonderful month of May!

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