Play With Your Words #86–Robo–uh, I mean Writing Prompt

I’ve been resting my brain by browsing through Pinterest and stumbled across the cutest “found object” sculptures. They are so charming, they just beg to have their stories told.

Writing Prompt

Choose one, or two, or all of the sculptures below and write a story using them as the characters.

Or click on the links beneath them to take you to their creator’s sites and choose one or another of their charming characters.

Created by Cheri Kudja

Created by CheriKudja

Created by Cheri Kudja
Created byCheriKudja

Created by Cheri Kudja
Created byCheriKudja

Fobots Amy Flynn Designs
Amy Flynn Designs

If you are a teacher and you are using this for a writing exercise, why not pull a couple of these links up on your SMART board, and allow the students to browse the other found art sculptures on the sites.

Before writing about your character, consider who he or she is. What might his name be? Where might she live? Who are his friends? What might normal life be like for her? What could happen that would interrupt that normal life and create a problem he or she must solve in order to complete her story?

Above all, have fun!

 A Bonus Idea

Parents or Teachers: consider having your student/s build their own found object sculptures to write a story about.