Wonderful Words on Words from Brian Jacques

130001114I love words (and phrases, and sentences, and paragraphs, and books, and…). When I began this blog I opened with a poem that attempted to capture my delight in them.

This summer while reorganizing my office, I found a stash of books I’d set aside from which I wanted to capture some quotes. So here, for today, are some of Brian Jacques thoughts on words, taken from his interview with Leonard S. Marcus, for his book (also a great read) The Wand in the Word: Conversations with Writers of Fantasy.


I love it that as a writer you work with the poetry and music of words. Words are as wild as rocky peaks. They’re as smooth as a millpond and as sunny as a day in a meadow. Words are beautiful things. Every one matters.

Wild and beautiful words erupted in my heart as my husband and I explored Mt. Rainier National Park this summer. When and how do words make your spirit sing?


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Words on Words from Brian Jacques

  1. “When and how do words make your spirit sing?” – My own words never sing to me, but when I read others’ words, and I’ve been drawn in just right, it’s like the words dance into images in my mind. Thank you for sharing this, I’ve always loved Jacques work.


    1. You are welcome! Like you, my own words don’t necessarily sing to me. They’re too familiar. However, when I read something wonderful that someone else has written it stirs my soul and makes me yearn to write something that might somehow sing to someone else.

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