Play With Your Words #84: Three Minute Poems

wooded path 7.13The seasons are on the cusp of change. Take a few minutes to savor this turning of the year.

Pack up pen and paper, and a little timer. (Even a little 3 minute egg hourglass will do.)

Go outside, sit in your back yard,take a walk, or go to a park. Look around you. Listen. Sniff the air. Take off your shoes and go barefoot. Touch flower petals, leaves, the bark of trees.

Now sit down and get out your materials. Set your timer and write a quick three-minute poem inspired by what you’ve experiences. Relax a few minutes, then set your timer and write another, and then another.

Enjoy what your brain comes up with when it is pushed to write that final poem. Edit or revise, or don’t. Savor these fleeting days of summer.