Welcome Back, Greek and Latin Roots

Column.ExercisesDespite the fact that I discontinued Greek and Latin root spelling lessons back in 2012, these lessons remain among the most frequently visited of my posts. And, it is easy to understand why.

While Latin has long been regarded as a dead language in terms of modern usage, and the Greek of the ancients is not the same as the Greek of today, English (and French, and Spanish, and many other European languages) is littered with their offspring!

In my teaching, I have found the vocabulary/spelling study of words using classical roots to be a great way to expand usable vocabulary and build word deciphering skills. Over the years, I done my own research, collected roots and words, built lists of my own, and created a Greek and Latin Root Vocabulary/Spelling program.

While I am no longer responsible for teaching spelling, my interest in these words will not leave me alone. Therefore, this school year, I have decided to post (both here and in my classroom) a root, or root pair, each week along with definitions and some words to play with and explore that utilize the root.

Over time, I will share some of the methods I adopted and devised to help my students learn these roots and make them their own.

I hope you will find this little jaunt into word history as intriguing as I do, and as beneficial to yourself or your students as I have. Watch next Monday for the Greek/Latin root of the week.