Wonderful Words: A Quote from Patrick Overton

Wonderful Words 1This week, my pastor referenced a quote written by Patrick Overton that was very familiar to me. I first encountered it on a greeting card that I bought, for myself, when I was going through a difficult time. I posted the card on my bulletin board and kept it there for well over ten years, until my daughter was going through her own tribulations and I passed it on to her.

These are words that have encouraged, comforted, and sustained me through many trials. It was so sweet to be reminded of them once again, that I knew immediately I wanted to share them here.

When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen. There will be something solid for you to stand upon or you will be taught to fly

Thank you, Mr. Overton, for the many times your wonderful words reminded me I need not be afraid.