Play With Your Words Writing PromptsFriday, I was anxious and weepy. Sunday, I was blissfully at peace with the world. So, what happened between Friday and Sunday, and what can I learn from it as a writer and a person?

Friday was my first full day back home after a week-long trip. Before going away, I had begun my “Big, Summer Project”–expanding and reorganizing my office, which was complicated by the discovery of pantry moths and their larvae hidden away in the folds of notebooks and sheets of paper–which at all times are abundant and all over the place in my office, thus the need for expansion and organization– and lodging between the dust jackets and bindings of hardback books. I was nowhere near done when I departed–after all it is my summer project–and was most distressed to encounter it in all its chaotic glory upon my return.

Furthermore, it was a visiting loved-ones kind of trip (and quiet satisfying, I might add). However, my mission to squeeze in as much fellowship and togetherness as possible caused me to disregard my usual needs to be quiet, read, think, and write. When I got home, I longed to do just that, but being the ever-conscientious person I am, I insisted on unpacking everything and throwing myself back into work around the house. Not a recipe for tranquility.

Sunday, I had nowhere I had to go and, honoring the biblical commandment to rest on the Sabbath, nothing I had to do.  It was bliss. (See Sunday’s post.)

So, what have I learned or, as in much of what follows, re-learned?

  • Big projects can make a big mess before they make a big difference. Be at peace with this reality and know the good results are coming somewhere down the road.
  • I need to write. Years ago, I came to the realization that I think better with a pen in my hand (or, more recently, a keyboard under my fingers).
  • It is worthwhile to take a little time for fun, relaxation, and creativity—I watched t.v. with my husband in the evening, read, and went to stamp-camp (where I crafted 6 greeting cards.) yesterday.
  • Keep God in the equation–always keep God in the equation. I went to church. I read, I studied my Bible, and I prayed.

One of my biggest struggles is to maintain a balance life. Writing, reading, creativity, and my faith are essential for me. What do you do to maintain balance in your own literate lifestyle?