School’s Out! A Writer-Teacher’s Summer Dream Routine

sun_in_shades.svg.hiSchool is out! This is my first week of summer break and I have a few goals–writing goals, household goals, and learning how-to-play goals.

Being the orderly list-maker that I am (Ha! When it comes to things I need to do, my brain has colander-size holes), I created a little daily routine to keep me on track. What does it look like? Funny you should ask. Here it is, sans pretty, flowery clip art:

1 hour: Mocha/Breakfast/Read  (Hey, I know how to start a day!)

Read Bible

Stretch/Dress/Tidy Bedroom (So far the only thing I’ve skipped is stretching.)

Empty Dishwasher/Make Phone Calls (I am blessed with a husband who does the dishes.)

Pray/Copy 1 Prayer into Personal Prayer Book (I’m ashamed to say I have not got on my knees yet, although I have tossed up a lot of little balloon prayers and brainstormed a prayer list.)

2 Hours: Write  a) prepare for writers’ groups, b) enter revisions for Set in Stone, c) do a one-day read through of Set in Stone, d) continue to draft A Crown of Blossom and Flame or–hmmm, maybe I’ll retitle it A Fiery Crown.)

Type 3 Quotes (I have a stack of books nearly 3 feet tall bristling with sticky notes marking quotations I would like to capture–I haven’t gotten to this even once this week.)

Blog or Respond to Email (30 minutes MAX)

Update Agent List (I have been collecting agent names for The Swallow’s Spring for so long now, I could easily send her out to an agent a week for at least the next ten years.)

Housework~Routine Housework (Yes, at last I get there. Have I done this yet? No, except Monday, I did vacuum up the dust on the bathroom floor.)

Manuscript Submissions Swallow/Set in Stone at least once per week (This one actually does not begin until I hear from the person I gave an exclusive for Swallow and do the final read-through of Set in Stone.

Mend one item (My mending pile now fills two milk crates to overflowing. Needless to say, I have not done any mending in a long, long time, and I am beginning to miss some favorite clothes. As I complete this task, if I stick to the routine, it will be like getting five new pieces of clothing/week. Have I done it yet? No. I plan to start next week.)

1/2 Hour MAJOR House Project~a) finish reorganizing my office–I started twice during the school year; my office now lies strewn between 4 rooms–talk about crazy making! b) turn our kids’ bathroom into my bathroom now that the last kid has moved out–finally I will have a bathtub! c) organize my craft room. Whew!

Small Office or Writing Project 20 minutes. (Working on picture books and poetry, sorting card making materials, rubber stamps, punches…)

20 Minutes: Craft Room (Did I say my craft room was a mess?)

Make one card ahead of time for the next year (this will be both duty and letting myself have a little fun)

Do Something Creative (Will I remember how?)

Oh, and that learning to play thing? That happens when my husband says, “Hey, let’s go…” We did that Monday, Wednesday, and today.

Well, I’ve already spent 41 minutes preparing this blog post. Time to go. What are you dreaming of doing this summer?