Play With Your Words Writing Prompt 82: Fortune Cookie Writing Prompts

Fortune Cookie Writing PromptsPlay With Your Words Writing Prompts

This afternoon, as usual on a Sunday after church, we went out to lunch. Today, it was Chinese food, and my husband did what he always does after eating Chinese food out–he cracked open his fortune cookie and handed his fortune to me. You see, we have both come to realize that fortune cookie fortunes make great writing prompts.

How to use them?

You can craft a story where the fortune predicted occurs to the main character. What does this character want? How could this fortune come true for her? How would it impact his life? How would it impact the lives of those around her?

You can “dream journal”– How could this fortune come true for you? How would it impact your life? How would it impact the lives of those around you?


Take a few minutes and list or web ideas.


Choose one idea from your list and write.

Writing fiction? Then write at least one scene showing the character before the fulfillment of the fortune, at the moment of fulfillment, and at least one of the impacts of that change.

Writing your dreams? Write how the fulfillment of the “fortune” would come about, its impact your life, and its impact the lives of those you care about.


When done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners.

This Week’s Fortunes

Mine: “An unexpected windfall will be yours.”

My husband’s: “Your choices at the moment will be good ones. Trust yourself.”