What are Your Intentions for What Remains of Christmas Break?

Mantle 2This year was one of my best Christmases ever! My parents came up from California. My son, his “orphaned” friend, my daughter and her husband, and my three granddaughters celebrated with us. The house got cleaned and decorated. I was even able to bake gingerbread and decorate sugar cookies with my daughter and granddaughters, not to mention support my daughter in her first ever ornament party for the girls. There was time for fun, for fellowship, for worship, and even a little creativity. Just how I like my Christmases.

Now, with a week remaining of Christmas break, what are my intentions? I am committed to finishing the revisions on The Swallow’s Spring, so in the new year I can commence the submission process. I have a little over 100 pages to go. Friday and Saturday I was able to carefully do a double round of revisions through thirty pages.

What are my objectives? Eliminating thought and dialogue tags to create a deeply immersed third person point of view, getting rid of any lingering “telling” and working in the appropriate degree of “showing,” and last, just generally tightening everything up.

I want to commit to daily updates here, and yet I don’t. However, I have written this and I am posting it. Therefore, count me accountable.