I Think Better With a Pen in my Hand

Aloe Extended OvalToday I nearly read, cover to cover, the October issue of Writer’s Digest magazine. In their interview with David Sedaris, I was struck by something he said that reminded me of my first hint that I might be a writer.

Asked about his writing rituals, Sedaris stated he had very few, besides immediately getting to work each day. He said:

I only know what I’m feeling on paper. I can only tame it, I suppose on paper. And so I sit down every morning, and I make sense of the world–and I don’t let things get in the way.

Like Sedaris, writing is the way I comprehend my life. I think better with a pen in my hand. Although I did not grow up knowing I was going to be an author from the day I could first scrawl a word with one of those big fat pencils on that wide-lined newsprint they gave you in kindergarten, I did learn during my typically turbulent teen years that if I had I problem, I had best sit down and write about it.  Before my Bonehead English (English 1A) instructor could shatter my hopes of ever being able to communicate effectively in writing, I learned that I think best with a pen in my hand (and preferably some socially acceptable medium to write upon).

Before I ever matured and developed the nerve to even try writing professionally, that truth was embedded in my soul.

What about you? What was your first inkling that somewhere inside of you was someone destined to be a writer?