The True New Year has Begun

School houseSeptember 1–the true new year has begun.

The sun is shining, the air is still and warm, with a cool that lingers in the house long after sun-up. It is September. Summer is over and school starts on Tuesday. While I have railed at all I was unable to accomplish over this summer, today I find my heart peaceful, still.

I know, as I resume my teaching career, that it will require discipline and energy in order to remain faithful to my writing life as well. With the Summer of the Three Sinus Infections behind me, along with many unmet goals and unexecuted plans, I realize my ability to “perform” does not belong to me at all!

And so, it is with humility and faith that I step into this new school year. I know it is God who has given me the story ideas, ability to write, and the opportunities to grow in my craft and exercise my skills. He has also placed me in the wonderful teaching position I hold. He is the master of my health and my energy. And so I will step forward in faith and trust.

Discipline and faith will be my watchwords of this new year. I look forward to helping this years crop of students find their voices and learn to communicate effectively. I look forward to another quick revision of my novel, The Swallow’s Spring, and the adventure of finding it a publishing home. I look forward to reading, and writing, and pinning, and loving my family and home. I don’t know how I will do it all, but I know, by the grace of God, what is needful will be attended to and I can settle my heart in peace.

(Now to remember to reread this when the storms of autumn settle in!)