Posted by: Debby | July 1, 2013

Best Books of the Month: Kristin Cashore’s Seven Kingdoms Trilogy

Graceling Cover jpegThis month I have read both Graceling, the first book in Kristin Cashore‘s award-winning Seven Kingdoms Trilogy, and Fire, the second book published, but chronologically a precursor, rather than a further installment of Graceling. 

I fell in love with the main characters in Graceling, and was eager to spend more time with them. Therefore, as I began FireI was a little disappointed. However, Cashore’s characters are so well drawn and their predicaments so compelling, I soon fell in love with the cast of Fire as well. That said, however, had I checked the series out more thoroughly, I probably would have read Fire first. I like reading things chronologically in terms of the book’s time.

That said, however, I can’t Fire Dial for bloggerwait to get my hands Cashore’s third Seven Kingdom’s book, Bitterblue. I feel confident it will be every bit as enjoyable a read as were the first two.



  1. Oh, that’s good to know! She is on my to-read list. Thanks!


    • You’re welcome. You’re in for a treat.



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