Back to School + Writing Life = Sanity? I Hope So…

School house Today is what my children always “affectionately” called THE LAST DAY OF FREEDOM.

Yes, school starts tomorrow and I return to my job–tutoring GED students in writing and holding down the fort two-days-a-week in a little jewel-box of a high school library. I love both my roles. And I love regularly switching from one to the other. There’s no chance to get bored. I count myself truly blessed to have work I love, that helps teens learn to communicate effectively, and that connects high school students with books.

So why THE LAST DAY OF FREEDOM? I suppose a better description is “my last day to dance to my own fiddle.” As of tomorrow, I will return to balancing my writing life with set working hours.

Do I return rested? Yes!

Do I return with the satisfaction of a long-term goal accomplished? Yes, I finished revising the final pages of The Swallow’s Spring right up to the words “the end”!

Do I return with wisdom? Yes! (See “Happy New Year!”)

Do I return with a plan? I do. I will:

  • write whenever the opportunity opens up for me
  • revise during my lunch half-hours (It’s amazing how the bits of time add up)
  • blog on the whim
  • submit my stories to agents and publishers
  • be prepared to participate in my writing groups
  • and continue to learn and grow as a writer.

What about you? How are you going to make your writing life real amidst the realities of daily life?