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I love fairy tales.  (Hence my tower and starry sky.)

My first sales as a writer were retellings of folk tales to Cricket Magazine.

My first novel is a retelling of a medieval legend–basically an extended fairy tale.

The unexpected twists and turns of folk and fairy tales delight me, as does their worlds of long, swishy skirts, castles, adventures, magic, and redemption. (Inside my X x 10 year-old-body, I still feel like a princess engaged in the quest of her life. How about you?)

And so it was with delight that I sat down yesterday afternoon to sort my “Art: Illustration” Board on Pinterest.  From it I pulled all my folk and fairy tale pins and created an “Illustration: Fairy Tale” board, and then, for good measure a board for Sleeping Beauty (Illustration: Sleeping Beauty)–my favorite fairy tale–and boards for a few other stories for which I seemed to have enough pictures as well.

It was such a pleasure to pour over images and various interpretations of these familiar, and some not-to-familiar stories.

Although I am not a big “Disney Princess” fan, I did include a number of pins from Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. This is the first fairy tale I ever fell in love with, and that love included the style of the film as well. I didn’t know until I was a young adult in college that the touchstone for the artists was Gothic art and architecture. All I knew was that the film’s  highly stylized forest, and it’s high arching castles and furnishings had grown into a piece of my soul. (I think Gothic cathedrals are enchanting!)

I read somewhere a psychologist had determined that a person’s favorite fairy tale can tell a lot about who she or he is.  I would like to read more on the topic.  Have you read interesting books or articles relating to this? If so I would love it if you would comment with titles and the names of authors.

In the meantime, I hope your Monday passes happily ever after.



One thought on “Fairy Tales

  1. I love fairy tales, too! I’m very intrigued by this idea of the favorite fairy tale being very telling about a person’s identity/character. I’m not sure I have one favorite fairy tale. I’ll have to think about that. Sleeping Beauty is definitely my favorite Disney fairy tale movie, though, too! I was in love with Prince Philip for many years. :)


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