A New Approach to Writing Time

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The following quote is from  an October interview with Patricia Cornwell in the October 2012 Writer’s Digest.

One thing I’d advise is: Treat your writing like  relationship and not a job. Because if it is a relationship, even if you only have one hour in a day, you might just sit down and open up your last chapter because it’s like visiting your friend. What do you do when you miss somebody? You pick up the phone. You keep that connection established. If you do that with your writing, then you tend to stay in that moment, and you don’t forget what you’re doing.

I’d never thought to look at my writing time in this way. It is something I cherish, something I often yearn for, even feel homesick for when I am too long away. But I seldom give it the opportunity of a fifteen minute phone call with a friend. I seek chunks, large swathes of time for me and my novels. But how much more could I accomplish, and even more important, how much better might I feel if I indulged in frequent visits in between!

(And maybe, that is the secret to sane blogging when I am committed to working full-time and writing as well. Hmmm!)


One thought on “A New Approach to Writing Time

  1. I really like this quote as well and see how it could be applied to my own relationship with writing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by thinking we have to have a huge chunk of time to make any writing work meaningful, but that isn’t so. So those 15 minute intervals really add up and are much easier to find in your day!


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