Write Your Life—In Short Form

Suddenly finding myself engaged in a busier life (yes, I know I had been job-hunting since January—but when the work finally came, it made an instant, dramatic change in my lifestyle), I have recently adopted a short form of journaling—the haiku.

I love it!

I can compose in my head while driving in the car, on the paper placemat in my favorite Chinese restaurant, or in between reading articles in a magazine. Here’s a sampling of this falls poetic snapshots.

What an Election Cannot Change

Crimson and gold of
Trees, the glory of blue sky,
God in heaven, on earth.

It’s Raining Leaves

It’s raining leaves, gold
And crimson showering downward
Autumn’s confetti.


Peace, nature stills. We
Wait for You to set afire
Our world-weary lives.

Capture some snapshots of your life in haiku, and please share your creations here as a comment. Don’t let the butterflies of your moments fly away never to be seen again.