Love that Setting! Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #83


Think about a place you love. Be there. See the details.

Get out a piece of paper. List:

  • The objects you see there
  • The colors you see there
  • The sounds you hear there
  • The scents you smell there
  • The textures you see and feel there
  • How it feels there
  • What things there taste like (even the air)


Write a description of this place. Write it in such loving detail that a reader would know you love this place without you saying the words.

After you’ve written your rough draft, polish for specific and sensory word choices and details.


When done, read your description to your writing partners or share it as a comment here.

Compliment one another on the richness and depth of the details and on the vividness of the sensory language.

Preschool Literacy:


Gather pencils, paper, and art materials.

Sit down with your preschooler and ask him what his favorite place is. Write the name of the place in big letters at the top of the page.


Now ask your preschooler to describe this place. Ask her what it:

  • looks like
  • sounds like
  • smells like
  • feels like
  • even tastes like.

As she answers your questions, list her responses beneath the title on the paper.


When done, read back to your preschooler what he or she has said, pointing to the words as you say them to reinforce the one to one correspondence between each written and spoke word.

Together illustrate the paper and display it somewhere other family members can appreciate it.