Write a Scene, Nautical or Otherwise: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #82

The boat slowly pulled away from the shore…


What could happen next? Brainstorm a list of possibilities and pick the one you like best.


Write a scene for a story beginning with the words, “The boat slowly pulled away from the shore…”

Remember, a scene features characters acting out their story. Be sure to include:

  • a setting
  • conflict (character vs. character, character vs. self, or character vs. the environment)
  • dialogue
  • the thoughts of the point of view character.


When done, revise and edit what you’ve written. Be sure you include plenty of sensory imagery to lend your scene an air of reality. Now read your scene to your writing partners. Compliment one another on the strengths of your setting, conflict, characterization, and dialogue.

Please feel free to share your scene here as well. I am eager to discover whether your characters are setting off on an adventure or watching a loved one depart. Either way, I’d love to read your scene.