Plot A Crummy/Sweet Story: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #79 Pre-write


Consider this scenario:

Each day for a week, when you arrive at school (or work) you find your favorite cookie waiting for you on your desk. On the eighth day, however, you find a different object and a note.

This scenario provides the introductory set up for a story.

Decide what is left on the desk on the eighth, who left it, and what the note says. This will provide the initiating incident.

Outline the remaining events of the story:

  1. The rising action: 3 attempts by your main character to resolve the situation in which he or she has found him or herself.
  2. A climax/turning point where your main character must make a decision that will have permanent consequences.
  3. The falling action where the consequences play out.
  4. A resolution, where any loose ends are tied up,  and your character establishes a “new normal.”


Choose one scene from your planned story and write it.

When done, reread and revise to make sure you have:

  • used strong verbs and specific nouns
  • maintained consistent point of view
  • wrote a scene where the characters play out the story


When you are done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners. Consider the strengths of each scene and how each writer achieved it. Enjoy the variety of stories derived from a single start. And please, share your writing here as a comment. I would love to see what you have done with your stories.