Is Courtesy Contagious? Persuasive Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #78


Some people say courtesy is contagious. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Jot down some of your thoughts.


Write 2-4 paragraphs stating your point of view and sharing supporting arguments. Your objective? To convince your readers to agree with you.

When done read back over what you wrote. Consider the following:

How convincing is it?

What kind of supporting evidence for your arguments did you use?

Did you use enough detail for your evidence to be convincing?

Did you use active verbs and specific nouns?

Did you use wishy-washy words, like maybe or sometimes, that weakened your argument?


Revise your paragraphs to make them more convincing.


When you are done, share you work with your writing partners. Together consider the questions for revision for each piece.

And please, share your writing here as a comment. Is courtesy contagious? I’d love to read your thoughts on the issue.