Wonderful Words

This week’s quote is one I found both poignant and true. It ‘s from J. Strawser’s 2010 Writers Digest interview with David Morrell (and Ken Follet—however, it’s Morell that’s speaking here):

John Barth, a quite different writer from me, once said that reality is a nice place to visit, but you wouldn’t want to live there. Now this might contradict what I said earlier, that we should write stories that are believable and feel true, but that’s only because we’re hypnotizing people. The truth is, I’m not so crazy about the world I live in. My son died from cancer, my granddaughter died from cancer, I have a lot of reasons to think that reality is not a friendly neighborhood. The stories that I tell distract me, and if i do the job right they distract people from things that are happening to them that they wish had never happened.