Got the Plot? Reading Response Exercise #102

Woo Hoo! We are working steady on plot this weekend. (Check out Friday’s Play With Your Words Writing Prompt for more on plot.)


Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes.


Think about what you have read.


List the plot points that have already occurred and tell what happened with each. Consider:

  • A beginning–a brief introduction to the main character/s and their initial circumstances (This usually includes some depiction of the setting.)
  • An inciting incident—some problem or challenge that intrudes on the main character’s “normal” life.
  • Escalating Action/Conflict—attempts, failures, and learning experiences the main character takes part in while trying to resolve the problem/challenge.
  • A climax—one last trial the main character faces where he or she must make a decision that will change his or her life forever
  • An End—showing the main character experiencing a “new normal

Preschool Literacy


Enjoy a picture book with your preschooler.


Ask your child the following questions:

  • Who was this story about?
  • What happened in this story?
  • What did the main character do that seems important?
  • How did this story end?


Enjoy a nice “book talk” with your preschooler/s.