Reading Response Exercise #100!!!

Our 100th Reading Response Exercise—Wow! When I first started Literate Lives the possibility of reaching this level of continuity seemed almost impossible.

In honor of our 100th exercise, I am going to ask you to think more about your reading habits, than about any particular passage you have read.

  1. Make a list of your favorite genres.
  2. Under each genre, list each book you have enjoyed that falls into this category.
  3. Now, be a little social—I know this is challenging if you are an introvert like me, however, this will be so good for you. Ask family, friends, neighbors, librarians, bookstore clerks, anyone you meet or know if they can recommend a few good books in one or all of your categories (You can use the books you have read to serve as examples of what you mean).

When you complete the exercise, you should have a nice list of new reads you’d like to hunt down and enjoy, enough to carry you through another 100 weeks of Reading Response Exercises.

P.S. Please share any new titles that intrigue you as a comment here on the blog and I’ll try to do the same.

(An alphabetical listing of genres: action/adventure, bestsellers, chick lit, children’s literature, Christian fiction, classics, contemporary fiction, crime, epic fantasy, espionage, family saga, fantasy, folk/fairy tales, historical fiction, horror, humor, literary, medical drama, mystery, mythology, novels in verse, paranormal, poetry, political, satire, science fiction, short stories, sports, thriller, urban life, urban fantasy, war, western, women’s, YA, and more.)