The Essence of Summer: Play With Your Words Poetry Prompt #25 Revisited

I’m back, renewed and refreshed. It’s been a tough year and I must admit, until this last week, I hadn’t really felt as though I’d had a summer. However, a peaceful time with my mom in Sonora, California, finally gave me that old, summer feeling. And so, on this our last Play With Your Words day of summer I wanted to revisit the Essence of Summer haiku prompt.

I found just the right words for summer at Mom’s, and even words for reentry into daily life when I got home. I’ll share them here. Then, you review the steps for the Essence of Summer haiku and write your memories or farewells to this sweet season, or perhaps your welcome to the new school year and fall.

When you are done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners or share here as a comment. Compliment one another on the strengths of your word  choices and turns of phrase you particularly like. Together savor these last flavors of summer.

 Mom’s Hummingbird Feeder

Wings thrum. Warriors
Battle in miniature.
Sweet nectar feeds strife.


A book, a breeze, a
Mountain lake; sunlight sparkling
Off water—Summer


Normal life. The words,
Sweet upon my tongue, speak of
Peace, beauty, and home.

Please share your summer reflections.