I’m Going to the Willamette Writers Conference

I am preparing to attend the Willamette Writers Conference in Portland, Oregon this weekend. (It actually starts Friday morning, so after today, I have just one more day to get ready. Yikes!) I am terribly excited.

I have appointments to talk to three agents and two editors, one from Tor Books and one from Cool Well Press.

I am planning on pitching my two completed novels:

  • A historical fantasy, The Swallow’s Spring, about Iseult, a ninth century princess of Ireland whose life is unraveled by the death of her uncle at the hands of Tristan of Lothian and Lyonesse. This is the first book of the Song for a Winter’s Night series.
  • A fantasy, Set in Stone, about Johann who, after quarreling with his family, returns from working out in the fields of his medieval village to find parents, friends, and neighbors turned to stone. The lone survivor? His little sister with whom he doesn’t get along. With no one to guide him, he must find a way to reverse the stone-setting curse.

I am also looking forward to the classes. Much as I realize a function of the conference is to make contacts with agents and editors, I confess my favorite part is the classes. I love learning more about writing, honing my skills, and coming home to apply what I’ve learned to my stories.

And I love having a full, three-day period of time to focus on nothing but writing, writing, writing.

Did I mention I love to write?


3 thoughts on “I’m Going to the Willamette Writers Conference

  1. Debby, hurray that you are going to the Willamette Writer’s Conference. I particularly like the idea of the 2nd novel with Johann in it. What different things undo the curse? Do the people turn to quartz, sandstone, or what? Hmmm.


    1. Thanks Emily!
      Johann’s family and friends are turned to stone and only their evil king’s scepter can turn them back.


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