Defend Your Favorite Comic or Graphic Novel: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #69

What is your favorite comic strip or graphic novel?


Web-storm your favorite comics or graphic novels in order to gather and organize the information you will want to use when you begin writing.  Create a bubble for each comic/novel you like, writing its title in the center.

For each comic/novel bubble, add rays extending from the bubble and write one reason you like that particular comic/novel on each ray.

Read over the options you have provided for yourself, and select the comic/novel you would most like to write about.


Write a letter to a relative or teacher who perhaps does not value the reading of comics or graphic novels explaining:

  • what your favorite comic/graphic novel is
  • why you like it
  • why he or she should reconsider her judgment of the genre.

Remember to proof-read and revise your letter after you finish the rough draft.


When done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners or share here as a comment. Compliment one another on:

  • how well each writer has explained what it is he likes about her chosen subject
  • how clearly she has expressed herself
  • and the use of specific details.

Then kick back and enjoy the kind of reading material you like.