Crazy Summer

This has been a crazy summer for my family and me. We are working through some major transitions in our lives, needing to spend much time in research, deal with accumulated things, and make new decisions.

The process feels like it has taken over my life. There is so much I need to do that has to wait while we deal with more important matters. It seems like there is always more work than there is time.

For this reason, I am planning to take Wednesdays off until Fall. Some weeks you may see a Wednesday post—when inspiration strikes and I can carve out a few minutes for you, my literate friends.

Do not fear, however. New writing prompts and reading reflections will continue be posted Mondays and Fridays. They provide good practice for skills our kids left behind in the classroom in June.

So, enjoy this season of freedom and cherish the time you and your family have this summer to read, write, and pursue literate lives.


One thought on “Crazy Summer

  1. Hey Debby. I understand what you’re talking about. My blog has gone to foo-foo too! Take care of yourself and remember to breathe, and take a long bubblebath, light some candles and drink a glass of red wine. Think of you a lot Debby.


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