A Day in the Life…Narrative Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #68


Think of a possession you have with you every day. It could be a pair of shoes, your glasses, a hat, a piece of jewelry, or any other item you carry around all the time—maybe your keys or your cell phone…

  • Choose one item that you think could tell a good story.
  • List the things you do when this possession is with you.


Write a story, from the point-of-view of your chosen possession. Let your item tell the story of a day in your life, not from the way you experience it, but from the way the object experiences it.


  • Does it like you? Is it on your side?
  • Does it feel used by you?
  • Is it lazy or eager to play a role in your life?
  • How does it feel when you use it?
  • Does it think you have your act together?
  • Does it think it could manage your life much better than you do?

Think of some questions of your own and use them to craft and interesting day in the life of your possession.


When done, read what you’ve written with your writing partners or share here as a comment. Compliment one another on how well you stick to the single point-of-view. No thoughts or feelings of anyone or anything else should be included in the story unless they have been told to your possession. Consider, have you created a story with a beginning, conflict, and an ending? Does your chosen object have its own distinctive style?

Let yourself have fun with this prompt. Happy Writing!