Warning!!! Play With Your Words Poetry Prompt #24

There’s a heat wave holding the U.S. in its sweaty grip. The news is full of tips for staying healthy and hydrated.

The Fourth of July was a fun celebration of our freedom and who we are as a country, but the usual mishaps with fireworks also peppered the news coverage.

And then there’s the usual precautions about wearing sunscreen, swimming and boating safely, and avoiding food poisoning while on picnics.

Yet it’s summer, you say, the time for being laid back and having fun.

Yes indeed it is.

Write a poem that both honors the spirit of summer and includes a health or safety warning. Have fun with it.

When you are done, share it with your writing partners or here on the blog as a comment.

If you’d like, make a poster and upload it. I’ll make sure it appears here on the blog as well as on my Pinterest board.

Who knows? You may be creating a catchy public service announcement.