Characters as Friends: Reading Response Exercise #90


Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes.


Think about what you have read. Which character in your reading did you like best?


  • Would this character make a good friend?
  • Why, or why not?
  • How could you support this character?
  • How could this character be supportive of you?
  • What would it be fun to do with this character on a summer day?

Share your responses with your reading partners, or better yet here on the blog. When sharing as a comment, be sure to mention the title and author of the book, as well as your favorite character. After all, your comment may inspire someone else to read your book.

Preschool Literacy


Enjoy a picture book with your preschooler.


When you are done, ask your child which character was his favorite.


Discuss the questions listed above with your preschooler.

Plan a fun outing inspired by her responses.