Setting Detective: Reading Response Exercise #88


Read for at least twenty to thirty minutes.


Think about what you have read.


Answer the following questions:

  • In what year does your story take place?
  • In what season does your story take place?
  • Where does your story take place?
  • At what time of day does your story take place?
  • What is the mood of the portion of the story you just read?

Look over your answers, and then explain how the author communicated all this information to you. Consider:

  • Direct statements?
  • Word choice?
  • Sensory details?
  • Metaphors or similes/comparisons?
  • The plot action?

Share your conclusions with your reading partners, and appreciate the unique details of each person’s reading experience.

Preschool Literacy


Enjoy a picture book with your preschooler.


When done ask the following questions:

  • When did this story take place?
  • Where did this story take place?
  • Would you like to visit the world of this story?
  • Why or why not?


Have a conversation with your preschooler. Consider dreaming up a list of places you and your child would like to go.