Teacher, Teach Thyself!

Today I feel like a senior in high school, and not a senior in June, but a senior in fall, when it’s time to write that life-changing college essay.

No, I’m not going back to college. However, I have recently renewed my teaching license, and I am applying for middle school or high school English/Language Arts teaching positions, and the most recent opening asks for a 4,000 character response to the following prompt, “Describe what you would do to make sure all students achieve at a high level.” This response could kill my chances of employment or pave a smooth path back into a career I love. This response is important. It is not something I can just throw together.

So how will I tackle my little writing assignment when the stakes leave me feeling nearly paralyzed? I’ll take my own advice. I’ll brainstorm potential responses, select those I feel best address the topic and reflect my heart as a teacher, write a rough draft, let it sit a day or two, revise and edit it, and finally upload it into my application.

The position I am applying for will be open until June 12. That gives me six days. Easy, huh? I wish it felt that way. But even a writer, even a teacher of writing gets the jitters when something life-changing hangs upon the words she chooses to put on the page.

Therefore I’ll just tackle it one step at a time. Ta-Ta! I’m off to do some brainstorming.


4 thoughts on “Teacher, Teach Thyself!

  1. I may be a little biased but I’m sure you would have the job if this were to be the only criteria.


    1. Thanks, Mom. It means a lot to know you believe in me. Please keep praying God will place me precisely in the job He wants me to have!


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