Edit Adjectives: Play With Your Words Writing Prompt #61


For this editing exercise, select a piece of writing you have been working on and make a copy (either as a computer document or a paper print-out, depending on which format you most like to work with).


Go through your document, crossing out all adjectives. (Remember, adjectives are words that describe nouns–and nouns are words for people, places, and things.)


Read what remains.

List, and then add back in only the adjectives you feel are absolutely necessary to convey the meaning you intended.

Make a separate list of all the adjectives you were able to leave out.


What kinds of adjectives needed to go back in?
What kinds of adjectives were you able to delete?


Read what you’ve written with your writing partners and discuss the kinds of adjectives you each found essential and why, as well as what kinds of adjectives proved themselves unnecessary.